About Kemuning Kitchen

Halo friends, my name's Uchiet.
Welcome to my site "Kemuning Kitchen".

I've lived in Singapore since several years ago.
Before, I lived in Jakarta and worked as Engineer. I decided to quit from my job and followed my husband to move to this country. In my leisure time I liked baking...for my family or my friend.

And someday I imagined to be a baker. Making delicious cake, tasty food....for party, that's a great idea.
Since that day I tried to learn more n more.....n now I feel happy to choose what I feel inside.

I take the name "Kemuning" for my kitchen just for remembering the place in Klungkung, Bali that my families live on.

In this room I hope.. I can develop my lovely hobby that make me feel more great.
Baking for me, it is special thing to do that need capability, imagination and love.......

The special things to do is the special present for you.......

Happy baking......